Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Escape Plan and Affiliate Marketing in General

How long will it take to start making money?

It really depends on the student and no two situations are identical.  Factors like previous experience, time dedicated, and consistency can impact the speed at which you start making money.  That being said, while some folks never make money (perhaps because they give up too soon or fail to implement) a good estimation is usually around 50 to 60 days.

That is when folks start to break through and start making consistent commissions.  Based on my experience, that seems to be the tipping point for folks who are launching this business in their spare time.

However, many men and women see success much more quickly.  The record for first commission after joining is less than 5 hours.  And when I ran the first "14 Day First Sale Then Scale Challenge" a whopping 50% of participants made their first commission within the first 14 days.  You can find that replay inside of the Affiliate Escape Plan Dashboard.

Is buying a course to promote the same course like Multi Level Marketing?

Affiliate marketing for digital products is completely different than MLM.  This is more like going to a restaurant, loving it, and then recommending that restaurant to your friends.  But as a bonus, you get a cut of their tab.

MLM'ers focus on building a team because in MLM, you get a cut of what your "downline" earns.  The way to be successful in MLM is to build a big team that sells a lot.  The problem here is that you rely on your team to generate revenue.

I don't know about you, but as a father of 2 and sole income provider for my family, I don't want our financial health to rely on other people "showing up" and producing.

With Affiliate Marketing, you earn on what you sell.  

Just like any other business...what you make 100% in your control.  This means you don't have to wait until you build out a big team to start making good money.  You just have to start driving traffic.

The cool thing about promoting an affiliate marketing course that you purchased is that you learn how to market while you learn the product you are promoting.  You kill two birds with one stone.

How can you promote an affiliate marketing course if you've never made money as an affiliate?

This is a BIG concern for a lot of new folks...

But what you have to remember is that we all start at zero.  In the beginning you promote the opportunity (and share the cool new things you are learning).  I call it the L.D.T.™ Formula for affiliate marketing.  You learn it, you do it, and then you teach it.  And in doing so, you automatically attract the right customers for the product.

NO new knowledge is too small.  As a matter of fact, as a beginner you have an advantage because you are more relatable to other beginners.

It is not your job to become the expert in month 1.  It is your job to introduce folks to a cool new opportunity through your story...and then you refer them to the expert (me) so they can learn more. And when they buy, you make a commission.

Is there a difference between the payment plan and the full-pay option?  What do I get with each?

There is absolutely no difference.

I added the payment plan option because I want to help you change your life...and I don't want finances to stop anyone.

Whether you take the full-pay option OR the payment plan, you will get instant access to ALL the training inside AEP as well as an immediate invitation to the next (and all future) group coaching sessions.

I see you talking about your program, and Legendary Marketer.  Plus I see other affiliate marketing courses out there.  Should I promote everything?

You can promote anything and everything you want.  However, I recommend you choose 1 front end product to promote...and then promote everything else on the back end (through email).

Inside AEP I teach you how to do Linear Affiliate Marketing where you bring in leads with one program, and build out automated email campaigns that add additional revenue streams when the time is right.

Everything I teach is universal...yet it's specific to the type of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing I do (promote digital products and software).

I've already gone through Legendary Marketer, how is AEP different?

Legendary Marketer has great training (especially their blueprints) but it is extensive.  I think Dave says something like "there is 3 lifetimes worth of training in there."  And while that's great, it can be overwhelming in the beginning.

That's how AEP is different.  My program and bi-weekly coaching is tailored to be more streamlined with more step-by-step training specific to your affiliate marketing goals.

I teach what works for me and so many other folks including many first time affiliates.  Paired with the bi-weekly group coaching which provides accountability and timely course corrections, my program is designed to keep things simple, provide clarity, and keep you on track (avoid shiny objects).  I'd love to guide you to success.

Does Affiliate Escape Plan have a money back guarantee?

AEP has a strict "NO REFUND" policy for your benefit.  Here's what that means...

I have been in the Digital Marketing Space since 2012.  And over the years I have discovered some undeniable truths.  One truth is that "dabblers" don't succeed.

As the saying goes..."if you want to take the island, burn the boats"

In order to be successful with something, you absolutely must go all-in.

My repeated success and the success of my students proves without a shadow of doubt that the affiliate marketing strategies I teach, work!!!

Offering a "refund window" gives students an out.  And if you are the type of person who would use that out and give up on your dreams, I would prefer that you DO NOT BUY my Affiliate Escape Plan program.

However, if you are ready to go all in.  I will make affiliate marketing as easy as it can be for you and I would love to have you inside of my course and coaching program.

If I join the AEP Affiliate Program, How do I get paid?

I pay all affiliates who earn commissions via PayPal in a given month, the following month.

Do I need to buy AEP to become successful?

Of course not.  The internet is a wealth of free information.

It comes down to what you value most, time or money?

There is an old saying that goes something like this...

You are going to invest in your education one way or another.

Some folks choose to go it alone.  Scouring the internet and wading through the minefields bad or outdated information knowing that eventually, they will stumble on the right answer as long as they don't get frustrated and overwhelmed along the way.

Truth be told, I took this route for many years (and never "made it")

But once I started to take my education seriously I realized that investing money (instead of time) is the shortcut. 

Most savvy folks realize they can actually save money (and a ton of time) by following the proven principles that are already tested and presented inside AEP.

Plus, it really helps to know the product you are selling.  Ask yourself, would you ever buy a car from a salesperson that knew nothing about the vehicle you were considering?  Probably not.  Far too often folks try to 'WING IT' for months only to wonder why they aren't making any sales.

Quite simply, AEP is designed to increase your odds of success while removing uncertainty and time delays.
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